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October 16, 2007


sheyrl james

i believe this a scam, i have been billed on my credit card for items that i did not order. and i have never put my credit number on any items that they have shown to enter the contests. where did they get my credit card number from?

john urquhart

I want to win the $10,000,000 superprize which will enable me and my family to come out of debt, and it will be enough money to buy me a drem home, and also get my business off the ground.

Harry W. Sloan, Jr.

Don't know what to think about PCH.

Harry W. Sloan, Jr.

pch Is this a fake that I poured in $, about $1000 worth. The bad part is the stuff I got was plastic and paper worth about $39 dollars !Most of the participants are elderly.

brandy newberry

you know every body say that pch is fake but i still got hope it just might be true. like they say they could show up at your door with a 10 million dollar check. thats my blessng i am calling it before i get it.

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